Pattern Maker Viewer ~ FAQ

1.  What is the Pattern Maker Viewer?

The Pattern Maker Viewer is a program that enables you to open, view and print Pattern Maker files.


2.  How do I open a pattern?

You have two options:  

Option 1: Select Open from the File drop-down menu and browse for the file.  I recommend that you either set up a special folder for your patterns or save them to your desktop so that they are easy to find.  You can also click the Shortcut button on the toolbar (the little picture of an open file folder) to browse for the files.  

Option 2: Drag-and-drop the file into the open viewer.  Open the viewer and adjust it to take up only part of the screen, then place the cursor over the pattern file, click and drag the file into the viewer window before releasing.


3.  What are my viewing options?

There are four options in the way that you view and print the patterns.  Stitches, Symbols, Solids or Symbols with Color Background.


If you are wanting to choose Symbols with a Color Background you would simply choose Symbols (shown above) and then Open Palette and go to Symbol Format.

The Palette Options will now open up, simply choose "Allow color behind symbols" and it will now show the symbols as well as the
associated color behind it.

If you have trouble seeing one of the symbols, like above the dark brown color makes it hard to see the symbol.  You can select that
color, pull down on the "Foreground" menu and select a color that will make it easier for you to see the symbol.


As you can see now, the dark brown's symbol will be very easily be seen when printed.


4.  How do I change the size of the view?

All View Sizes available are listed as percentages.  Most of my patterns are set at 100%.  To examine the pattern in more detail, select a higher percentage.  To see the pattern is full, select a lower percentage.

It is usually best if you print the patterns while set at 100%, however if you have trouble seeing at 100%  you can choose a larger percentage and the pattern will be printed larger.


5.  How do I set the viewer up to print a pattern the way I want it?

Some patterns are better to be printed in "Portrait" view and others in "Landscape" view.  To choose which you would simply go to
File ---> Print Setup.


When you download each pattern it will have specific instructions on which way the pattern should be printed for best results.  
I have already went thru each pattern to see what works best for printing.  All of the guess work has been taken out which means
you will have great results each time without any trouble.  This will save you time which means more stitching.

When you are ready to print the best option is to select File ---> Print Preview.  This will show you an overall look of what your pattern will look like when printed.

This allows you to see how large the pattern will be on your page and will allow you to make any kind of changes you see fit.

If the pattern is printed across two pages you can click on "Next Page" to view them.  The last page will always be the Information Page which will list the Floss Colors, Symbols, Numbers, and Floss Usage (i.e. 1 Strand, 2 Strands).  It will also give you detailed information regarding the pattern's finished size in stitches and inches.


6.  How do I print a pattern?

So, once you have selected Portrait or Landscape and you are now in "Print Preview", if everything is the way that you would like it
to be printed simply click "Print".


PC Stitch Users:  
Can PC Stitch and Pattern Maker Viewers both be used on the same computer?

The answer is yes, but they do have a basic conflict.

PC Stitch and Pattern Maker both create files with a .pat extension, but the software languages are completely different, meaning they cannot read each others' files.  PC Stitch also sets itself as the default .pat file reader regardless of which viewer is downloaded first.

When you have both viewers on your computer, this is what happens: the PC Stitch viewer is tricked into thinking Pattern Maker charts are PC Stitch charts because of the .pat extension. The PC Stitch viewer replaces all the Pattern Maker icons with its own icon.  Then, when you click on any chart's icon (Pattern Maker or PC Stitch), the PC Stitch viewer opens.  The software appears to be working normally, except the PC Stitch viewer cannot read a Pattern Maker file. The attempt results in an error message.

The way to avoid this glitch is to keep PC Stitch and Pattern Maker files in separate folders and always open Pattern Maker files using the Pattern Maker viewer's Open command under the File drop-down menu.  You may also drag-and-drop the file into the open viewer.

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