Piglet's Crafty Club ~ FAQ

1. How much does a the Lifetime Membership cost?
          Membership is only $20.00 USD, and you will automatically receive access to all 53 patterns.     
2. How long will my membership last?
          Your membership will last forever!  There will be no need to renew.  As long as the club is up and running you
           will have access to all finished patterns and any new patterns that may be added.

3. Am I allowed to share pooh related patterns/crafts that I have made with the Club?
           Of course! There are "members" pages that will showcase not only patterns that you have shared with us,
           but also pictures of some of your finished work! You will be given places where you can send your pictures
           so that they can be put in the Club's pages. All of those details will be given once you have joined the club!

4. How are the patterns available to me and in what kind of format?
           All of my patterns have been made with Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch.
           The only way that you can view/print the patterns is if you have a copy of Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch
           or if you download a copy of the Pattern Maker Viewer which is what most people choose to do.

           The Pattern Maker Viewer is a free and very small download.
           Once installed on your computer you will be able to download my patterns and open them with this viewer.
           You can then Print the pattern along with the pattern details and threads used.

           There are many different options you can choose when printing the patterns, to view all of them please Click Here.

5. Has anybody ever had a problem with using the Pattern Maker Viewer?
           More than not there is no problem at all with using the Pattern Maker Viewer.
           However, there are a few cases in which some Club Members have had problems.
           The usual reasons behind this could be:

           1. The Pattern Maker Viewer only works on Windows machines and they have Apple/Macintosh Computers.
               Unfortunatly the Pattern Maker Viewer does not work on Apple/Macintosh Computers.
           2. The Club Member already has a copy of PC Stitch and that program tries to open the patterns instead.
               There is a way around this problem and all of the details can be found inside the club.
           3. Members do not have a printer to print the patterns.

           If for whatever reason you are unable to print the patterns yourself, you can order patterns to be mailed to you.
           Please Click Here for all of the details.

6. How do I know if the Pattern Maker Viewer will work on my computer before I join the Crafty Club?
           I have provided you with a Sample Pattern so that you can test it out on your computer to make sure everything is
           in working order before you join the Club.

7. If I become a member then change my mind later, are there any refunds?
          Sorry, No. Once you become a member there are no refunds for any reason.
          Also, please make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions before becoming a member, there are more
          details regarding Refunds there.

8. Once I become a member can I give my friend my User Name and Password?
          Sorry, No. A member is not allowed for any reason to disclose his/her User Name or password with anybody!
          Also, please make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions before becoming a member, there are more
          details regarding Refunds there.

9. Are you selling these patterns? Is that what I'm paying for?
          Absolutely NOT! I am merely sharing my patterns with the Crafty Club.
          There are many other activities involved with Piglet's Crafty Club other than the swapping and sharing of
          Cross Stitch Patterns.

          I am NOT making money off of my Cross Stitch Patterns. These are original patterns that I have made on a
          program with my computer. I am not selling them to you, I do not own the copyright to Winnie the Pooh therefore
          I make NO money off of these patterns.

          I just want to share in my love of everything Pooh and that includes Cross-Stitch and Crafts! :o)

10. Will these patterns work with Pattern Maker Machine Embroidery? (Pattern Maker ME)
          Although I have never tried this process myself, I do create the pattern on Pattern Maker for
          Cross Stitch which is a smaller version of Pattern Maker ME.  There are a few members of the Club
          that have told me that it works perfectly for them! So if they don't have any problems I would see no
          reason why it should present a problem for you.
          To make sure, you could always download the Sample Pattern to make sure it will work before
          becoming a member.

11. If I have problems downloading the pattern or do not have a printer can you print the patterns for me?
          I am sorry but this is not an option, if you choose to join Piglet's Crafty Club you must make sure that you
          have downloaded and can successfully print the Sample Pattern provided.  I can not print the patterns for you.

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