Piglet's Mah Jongg

The goal of Mahjong is to clear all of the tiles from the screen as quickly as possible.
To begin click the link below, then once all of the tiles have appeared click "Play".
Choose a tile and click on it, if it is able to be removed it will highlight in Dark Pink, then click the matching tile.
If both tiles can be removed they will disappear. The tiles are stacked and can only be removed from the pile in pairs.

A tile is only available, if no tile is located above it, and there is no tile to the immediate left or right or the tile.

There are two special tile groupings in which the tiles do not match visually.
They are The Seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring), and Flying Things (Orange Butterfly, Pink Butterfly, 2 Bees, Dragonfly).
You can match these in anyway with the group. For example, Summer may match with Autumn, or Winter, or Spring.

The game ends when no more tiles remain.    All boards created are solvable.

Let's Play Mah Jongg